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EverSmoke Review

Disc Code: Disc
Discount: 20%
Flavors: 6
Kit Price: $59.95
Nic Lvls: 4

Smoke Volume

EverSmoke Review

EverSmoke is one of the finest brands of electronic cigarettes out there, from my experience. Considered a “luxury” company because of the superior quality and design, their prices are fantastic and make their entire line a great value. They have really nailed the mark as far as their product goes, and how they back it up as a company. Their products are well made, and they perform excellently. EverSmoke’s batteries are among the best available because they utilize the most modern technology in a lithium ion form, and they come in three great sizes. They last a very long time, and they produce some of the highest amount of vapor I have ever come across with any brand of e-cigarettes; and I have tried them all! Cartridges are sold in your choice of nicotine strength, ranging from 0mg, to 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg, as well as six different flavors, with an additional four on the way, give customers a wide variety of choices. For further convenience, there are three chargers and the handy Personal Charging Case, which holds batteries and charges them at once.

EverSmoke carries four different starter kit packages, with different products and accessories. I absolutely recommend the Basic Starter Kit because it is a great deal, and the perfect introductory kit. Here is what is included:

EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit Contents

1 User’s Manual
5 Cartridges of Nicotine (Equals 5 Cigarette Packs)
1 Standard Battery (your choice of color & switch)
1 Portable Wall Charger
1 USB Charger

Smoke Volume:
At or near the top of the list. This is the result of their excellent design and battery function; more vapor equals a more enjoyable e-smoke, in terms of feeling the hit, feeling the nicotine, and enjoying the rich flavor.

Ease of Use:
Amazing. Their design makes them a breeze to use, and allows for excellent performance. The directions are easy and compared to traditional cigarettes, they are far simpler. You need no ashtray, no lighter, and no “designated” place to smoke.

Service/ Shipping
EverSmoke is highly praised for their excellent service. They often ship the same day, and do everything possible to keep things running smoothly. Totally backing up their products with a 30-day, money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied, shows how committed they are to their products.

A two-piece model comprised of the stylish battery and the refill cartridge that holds the atomizer. The cartridge is disposable once you finish it. Your puff activates a computer chip located within, signaling the atomizer to kick in and create the vapor. The batteries come in two operating switches, either “automatic” or “manual.” Automatic works like a regular cigarette, you simply puff to smoke. With manual, you press a button when smoking. While automatic is slightly simpler and its battery power is slightly stronger, manual creates a greater amount of vapor.

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