Green Smoke

Rank Name Kit PriceFlavorsNic LvlsDiscountDisc Code Rating Info
Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review$109.008510%disc10-25116

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Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Kit Price: $109.00
Flavors: 8
Nic Lvls: 5
Discount: 10%
Disc Code: disc10-25116

Smoke Volume

Overall Rating:

The GreenSmoke is one of my favorite electronic cigarettes. I smoke it personally on a daily basis. The people at Green Smoke have put together the right combination of a good company, offering a solid product, and then supporting that product and its customers.  The GreenSmoke may cost a little more than some of the other products out there, but in this case you get what you pay for with a great product and great service. Offering eight flavors, five nicotine levels, two battery sizes, 3 chargers (car, home, pc), and a direct plug in cartridge holder that you can use in any USB port the Green Smoke offers all the available options I have seen for a cutting edge electric cigarette.

GreenSmoke offers several varieties of starter kits at different price levels, my recommendation is the regular starter kit with two batteries, and a “sampler” of the cartridge flavors to see what your favorite is, mine is defiantly chocolate! Here is what came in my starter kit:

Green Smoke Starter Kit Contents

Green Smoke Starter Kit Contents

  1. The manual
  2. A “membership” card
  3. 2 batteries, 1 big, 1 small
  4. 5 medium tobacco cartridges
  5. A 110v wall charger
  6. A USB charger

Smoke Volume:

The Green Smoke consistently puts out more smoke than any other brand I have tried. It has been called the “Vapor Monster” by some. Here is a shot of a buddy exhaling a vapor cloud from a single pull on the Green Smoke:

The Green Smoke "Vapor Monster"

The Green Smoke "Vapor Monster"

The Green Smoke is actually easier to smoke than a regular cigarette, no lighter. 🙂

Seriously though, its two piece design (more on that later), the treaded screw on cartridges, the variety of chargers, its automatic “hit” sensor, the lighted tip; everything about this product was designed for ease of use.

Unsurpassed in the industry. My original order shipped the same day my order was placed. I have also placed several orders for refill cartridges that have all shipped the day of/day after my order was placed. They have a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. The one time I did have to contact customer service, because I had accidentally chosen the wrong flavor before submitting my order, a real person answered the 800#, quickly found my order, and changed the flavor to what I wanted.

The GreenSmoke’s patented simple 2 piece design is one of the big selling factors for me. You have a rechargeable battery, and a disposable filter cartridge. They are threaded together so all you need to do is unscrew the old filter cartridge, screw on a fresh one and you are ready to puff away. Check out this short video of replacing a cartridge:

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