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SmokeStik e-cigarette ReviewECIG1010%$89.9551

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SmokeStik e-cigarette Review

Disc Code: ECIG10
Discount: 10%
Kit Price: $89.95
Flavors: 5
Nic Lvls: 1

Smoke Volume

Overall Rating:

The SmokeStik electronic cigarette is another three piece design, like the Luci and Smokeless Delite, featuring a battery, separate atomizer, and cartridge. The Smoke Stik e-cig is distributed in the US by Horizon Cartridges LTD. They offer five flavors and four nicotine levels. The Smoke Stik flavors are all currently different variations of a “nicotine” flavor like “full”, “medium” and “light”, the also have a menthol flavor. Shipping from the US they offer both telephone and email support.

The SmokeStik electronic cigarette may appeal to the very fashion conscious as they offer five different looks for the e-cig battery including white, black, gold, pink, and metal. They even offer a “Royale” model that has what looks like a diamond on the tip (its most likely plastic).

Here is what came in my starter kit:
Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
Smoke Stik “Premium” Starter Kit Contents
• (2) Batteries
• (5) Cartridges of your choice:
• (1) Atomizer
• (1) Charger
• (1) AC Adapter 120v/240v
• (1) User manual

Smoke Volume:

The SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette has an average smoke volume for the three piece design. If you do not clean and replace your atomizer regularly smoke volume will diminish over time, also make sure the open cartridges do not dry out and you will not have any problems. Here is a pic showing the smoke volume:

Smoke Stik e-Cig Smoke Volume

Smoke Stik e-Cig Smoke Volume


The Smoke Stick’s 3 piece design is easy to use once you get the hang of it, however I still think it is inferior to the simpler 2 piece design. Assemble the battery, atomizer, and cartridge as shown in the image below and smoke away!

Smoke Stik e-Cig 3 Piece Design

Smoke Stik e-Cig 3 Piece Design


My original orders shipping and service were fine; however this was prior to Horizon Cartridges taking over the US distribution. If anyone has experience dealing with the new distributor please share below. They do not advertise any type of guarantee or return program.


Like the Luci and Smokeless Delite the SmokeStik e-cig uses the three piece design with an open cartridge, atomizer, and battery. This is the biggest detractor for me. As always my motto is keep it simple with this kind of stuff. The extra steps required by the three piece design, while not burdensome, are still extra steps you need to take to get smoking. The separate atomizer will eventually degrade in performance and need to be replaced to continue to enjoy the full volume of vapor.

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