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CIGAVETTE ReviewCigavette10%529.995

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Disc Code: Cigavette
Discount: 10%
Flavors: 5
Kit Price: 29.99
Nic Lvls: 5

Smoke Volume

If you’re looking for the complete package at an affordable price then CIGAVETTE should be your choice. Their selection and choice is one the best in the industry and they excel in producing great tasting flavors and ideal starter kits. They are stylish, perform consistently and produce amazing vapor. I’m more than happy to endorse it as my number 1 ranked electronic cigarette of 2012.

We don’t give out our top spot to just any company. Here’s the deal: CIGAVETTE has proven that they are a new leader in this industry and has set their starter kit prices so that you, a “future ex-smoker”, can get in on this magic regardless of your situation. In gact, they are having a special where you get a starter kit and box of refills for under $30.
Amazing price.

With 5 starter kits and a range of customization options it’s no wonder why a lot of new users of electronic cigarettes are choosing CIGAVETTE. I must say their selection is fantastic.

I ordered this product a couple weeks ago not knowing what to expect. I have been hearing about CIGAVETTE and wanted to get my hands on it. After getting my CIGAVETTE starter kit, I am pleased to say I am extremely impressed with the quality of the product. Included in the professionally packaged box is everything you need to start “vaping”. The flavors are great and consistent and there is more vapor compared to other brands.

When I first started trying CIGAVETTE Starter Kit, I was impressed. After using it for a while, I was amazed. This is one of the few companies that offers real choices for all smokers. I had smoked over a pack a day before switching to electronic cigarettes and the CIGAVETTE made sure I had no desire to leave this smoking alternative. This is truly the non-smoking lifestyle.

CIGAVETTE also has great customer service.. A lot of times I’ll call different companies and make up a problem with the product. The guy I spoke to from CIGAVETTE offered to help right away and unlike other companies there was no hassle only assistance. CIGAVETTE customer service is available via both phone and internet. Users are offered a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime replacement warranty.

We have been using CIGAVETTE for a couple weeks now and have loved every minute of it. We have used countless kinds of e-cigs and CIGAVETTE is at the top of the list. We strongly recommend this to all of our readers and negotiated a 15% discount at checkout to save you even more money. Use ‘CIGAVETTE’ to activate the CIGAVETTE coupon!

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