Red Dragon Electric Cigarette Review

Kit Price: $79.95
Flavors: 6
Nic Lvls: 4
Discount: NA
Disc Code: NA

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7 Responses to Red Dragon Electric Cigarette Review

  1. Jay

    Red Dragon now has over 20 flavors to choose from and they have 5 nicotine levels including 0-4-6-8-16mg.

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  2. Jay

    By the way, I also wanted to ad that the Red Dragon is a 2 piece electronic cigaette. Built in atomizer in every cartridge. It also has a stainless steel “cartomizer” that will not break, crack or leak in your pocket or purse.

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  3. Jason Berg

    This is by far the best mini cig I have found. The vapor is huge and the flavor is good considering it’s a water vapor. I think what I like most about it is the look. It’s small and very realistic and has a cool logo. There’s even a logo that lights up on the end. They also seem to have more flavors than anything I’ve seen, like over 20 of them. What sold me though was the 1 year warranty and the decent price for the large kit and I was surprised as to how fast it shipped, like within 1 day. Awesome!

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  4. John Cardero

    Red dragon does have a great vapor, and a great flavor. I was a little disappointed with the battery life, but overeall very good.

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  5. Gabriel Jefferson

    Really informative cheers, I reckon your current audience would definitely want a great deal more content of this nature keep up the excellent content.

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  6. healthecigar

    No ash .no smell. no second hand smoke .e-cigarette more health .smoke better ,live better !

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  7. Brandon

    I tried other brands, including EGO, but could not find a good flavor. I am partial to Vanilla myself and Red Dragon does the flavor well. I will admit that the batteries start to lose charge after two months and like any TWO-PIECE E-Cig you get a metallic taste, since you cannot clean the atomizer, BUT you can just send the battery in and they replace it right away. Same with any Cartridges that may not screw on right or taste funky they replace it, best customer service I’ve ever had. Other companies made me pay 12-20 USD for replacements and then wait two-four weeks! I get my replacements from Red Dragon in 2 days for the price of a STAMP!

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