South Beach Smoke Review

Discount: 10%
Flavors: 5
Kit Price: $59.99
Nic Lvls: 4

South Beach Smoke – A Great Choice for First-Time E-Cigarette Smokers

Electronic cigarettes from South Beach Smoke offer the best all-around experience for first time users. The product itself is one of the best on the market with huge vapor production, long battery life and a great choice in flavors and strengths. South Beach Smoke offers two kits: one is the standard industry model 3-piece starter kit and the other is a state-of-the-art two-piece technology that really sets the bar for other major e-cigarette companies.

Another reason South Beach Smoke is the ideal choice for a first-time electronic cigarette user is because of their price and services. South Beach Smoke offers the lowest price available for a 2-piece model (Deluxe Starter Kit) electronic cigarette at only $49.99. They typical price for e-cigarette starter kits of this quality is between $80 and $125. The Deluxe Starter kit includes:

– Two lithium ion rechargeable batteries (one long, one short)
– Five extra-large cartridges (with a flavor and strength on your choosing)
– Portable wall charger
– Owner’s Manual

It also includes a 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime warranty and exclusive deals on cartridge refills. South Beach Smoke’s Customer Service is focal point on their business, the really make sure their customers get exactly what they need in a timely manner – which is vital when it comes electronic cigarettes.

The Premium Starter Kit is less technologically advanced than the Deluxe Starter Kit but is priced at a low-low $29.99. It’s a very affordable way to get started with electronic cigarettes. It comes with the same variety of flavors as the Deluxe and has the same lifetime warranty, 30-day money back guarantee. Also, if you enjoy the Premium but want to upgrade to the Deluxe, they let you do that with ease.

All-in-all South Beach Smoke is one of the highest quality products available; and with its pricing, lifetime warranty and money back guarantee – it’s the safest way to try electronic cigarettes for the first time.

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  1. Tonya White

    What a woman wouldn’t do for a good vape right about now. Oh wait, I can vape now, and 10 minutes from now and even 30 minutes from now. South Beach smoke’s ultimate starting kit is 5 stars for what you get and for the price. This was my first go-round with e-cigs and I always tell people how much Im thankful I did it. A typical day is nonstop for me and I appreciate the ability to vape wherever and whenver I want. Its a huge convenience to have my nicotine when I need it considering how difficult it once was when I used traditional cigerettes. No smoking signs are everywhere, but this no longer concerns me. Thank god!

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  2. Ellie Gillen

    SouthBeachSmoke is the best! Awesome e-cigarettes! Like others have said before me- these hold up so well to smoker’s needs. They were definitely created to handle the way smokers use them. They got the important things down- like having a real draw on the mouth, you have to suck at it a bit, the batteries are not too heavy, the vapor comes out very well, you will not be complaining about low vapor production, and this makes for a great non-PG throat hit. USA made liquids are a huge positive too. Love the black e-cigs, too!

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  3. Terry Tai

    Love South Beach…the quaity is real good. Not cheapo feeling and experience like a lot of other brands. South Beach has been around for a long time and seems to keep getting better and better too.

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